Villa Mondriaan

Villa Mondriaan

Piet Mondriaan (1872-1944) is one of the most important innovators of painting. He acquired worldwide fame in Paris and New York, but started his painting career in Winterswijk. Between the ages of eight and twenty Piet Mondriaan lived in a villa on the Zonnebrink with his parents, brothers and sister. Here he discovered his passion for painting and drawing and he took his first steps on the path towards becoming an artist. It all started here.

Life story
Since 2013 museum Villa Mondriaan has been located in the villa and the neighbouring buildings. With the help of contemporary means the life story of Piet Mondriaan is told here. In two newly built exhibition spaces early work of Mondriaan is exhibited, in close collaboration with Municipal Museum The Hague. In the former residence of the Mondriaan family there is attention for the three masters who influenced Piet Mondriaan during his time in Winterswijk: father Pieter Cornelis Mondriaan Sr, uncle Frits Mondriaan and the painter from Doetinchem, Jan Braet von Überfelt. Two video presentations give an insight into the life of the Mondriaan family and the further progression of Piet’s.

Contemporary art
Aside from the exhibitions related to Piet Mondriaan there is also attention for contemporary art in Villa Mondriaan. Every four months the museum offers two artists the opportunity to show their work in the museum. In the house where one of the biggest innovators of the modern art in history grew up, the innovators of these modern times will get a stage.

Villa Mondriaan offers visitors a complete experience. For every visitor there is an audio tour with background information. You can also download a free app with which you can view the exhibition at your own pace and in any order you prefer. For the children there is a quest. In the cosy museum café you can enjoy a drink and delicious treats before, during or after your visit.

Villa Mondriaan
Zonnebrink 4
7101 NC Winterswijk

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