Streekmuseum De Roode Tooren

Local museum De Roode Tooren shows objects concerning the history of the old Richterambt Doesborgh (1340), now approximately the municipality Doesburg and the former municipalities Angerlo, Hummelo and Keppel.

In De Roode Tooren you can see, among other things, a working tobacco factory from 1894, a grocery shop (1880/1940), archaeological finds, trade and crafts, religion, fire department, folklore, a model of Doesburg around 1650 and a scale model of the historical pontoon bridge.

The Theo Colenbrander Salon is special. Ceramic and carpets from Colenbrander have international fame. He was born in Doesburg in 1841 and died in Laag-Keppel in 1930.

The museum is free for everyone. Of course a voluntary contribution in the donations box meant for it will be appreciated very much.

Streekmuseum De Roode Tooren
Roggestraat 9, 11, 13
6981 BJ Doesburg

T 0313-474265