Stadsmuseum Groenlo

Stadsmuseum Groenlo

In the City Museum Groenlo the focus is on the Eighty Years’ War. This war has had a great influence on our fortress town. Various sieges and the fortifications that followed made Grol one of the strongest fortresses in the Netherlands of the 17th century.

An informative film gives a short overview of the Dutch fight for independence against the Spanish governance. The museum has historical weapons, a city model, a print room, paintings and countless other objects that provide a good image of this turbulent time together.

In the museum there is special attention for the children. So there is a children’s film, a game, a quest and there are dress up clothes that all have to do with the Eighty Years’ War.

Stadsmuseum Groenlo
Mattelierstraat 33
7141 BP Groenlo

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