Société Musée Lalique Pays Bas

Société Musée Lalique Pays Bas

René Lalique (1860- 1945) is called the Da Vinci of the jewellery and glass art. The works from the art nouveau and art deco period are full of symbolism and “secret” details.

Museums from all over the world, among which the “Metropolitan museum of Art” from New York lend pieces from the art nouveau and art deco periods to the museum. During the exhibition ‘Art Nouveau – Fleurs, Faune, Femmes’ you can view pieces by Jan Toorop, Van de Velde, Mucha and Marjorelle that have never been exhibited before. The museum is housed in a pair of old national monuments where visitors will be received with hospitality, in an atmospheric ambiance.

The museum is open every day, with the exception of Mondays. Furthermore, you can make an appointment to get an arrangement, with reception at the concert piano. Upon agreement, guests attend readings by the curator, with a piano recital at the concert piano, while enjoying a glass of prosecco, and after the tour there is the possibility to have a very luxurious lunch.

René Lalique
The permanent exhibition of the museum is fully dedicated to the work of jewellery designer and glass artist René Lalique. You can find literally radiant works of this ‘master of the French art nouveau and art deco’. With the help of the many objects the collection provides an image of the Dutch customer base of the artist, his clients, and the way his work was received here.

Around 1900 the young artist René Lalique (1860-1945) was internationally seen as the primary designer of modern ornaments. The big names, actresses and opera divas show off his jewellery, which is not impressive because of the use of gold and diamonds, but because of the creative shapes and the use of new materials, like emaille pliqué-a-jour and semi-precious stones.


Modern industrial luxury
Lalique chooses typical art nouveau and art deco patterns, like nature and feminine shapes. He also develops himself into a glass artist, which also gets him noticed in the Netherlands. His introduction to the luxurious perfume industry causes a rapid. He develops a way of working that is somewhere between art and industrial shaping: modern industrial luxury. He creates mechanically superior items of art with a luxurious appearance. Aside from the pieces of which a lot of copies are produced, Lalique creates unique objects for the very fortunate people from his time. 

French chic
The impressive building in which the museum is housed, offers the ultimate ambiance for an exhibition about this master of the French art nouveau and art deco. From a horn comb with pearls, to a necklace made of emaille pliqué-a-jour, from golden cufflinks to press-blown perfume bottles and radiant decorative vases made of glass, that provided women and men around 1900 with splendour and class. The jewellery by Lalique sometimes has an appraised value of 100 million Euro. The objects are iconic, loved and very desired everywhere in the world.

Société Musée Lalique Pays Bas
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