Onderduikmuseum Markt 12

Nationaal Onderduikmuseum Markt 12

Markt 12 is the address of a house in Aalten, with a special history. Here you can experience ‘the war under one roof’ in an interactive way.

Listen to the stories of the residents during the Second World War: a family with two children, the German Ortskommandant and people in hiding. During bombings the neighbours also came to the air-raid shelter. Experience what the everyday lives of the residents were like, which choices had to be made. Experience how difficult it is to generate power and how cramped it was in the hiding space. Go looking for the entrance of the illegal printer and look at the identification papers. In the upper room you can follow the story of the evacuees from Scheveningen, who had to leave their homes because of the Atlantikwall.

Nationaal Onderduikmuseum Markt 12
Markt 12
7121 CS Aalten

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