Museum Smedekinck

Museum Smedekinck

Museum Smedekinck is located in a centuries old, renovated farmhouse. It offers an insight into how the residents of the Achterhoek countryside lived and worked through the ages.

In the former living areas, the visitors will soon feel like they are in a time around the start and the first half of the previous century. In De Stal there are always temporary exhibitions to be viewed, aside from the permanent exhibition. De Daele is a multifunctional space, where visitors can also drink something.

In the yard there are De Schure – with old workplace equipment and an exhibition of WW2 in Zelhem among other things – an equipment shed, an apiary and the Ludger church. Furthermore, you can find a herb garden, historical crops and old fruit varieties here.

Museum Smedekinck is interesting for young and old, is wheelchair friendly and has a toilet for the disabled.

Museum Smedekinck
Pluimersdijk 5
7021 HW Zelhem

T 0314-620664