Museum MORE

Museum MORE

MORE is the biggest museum for Modern Realism. Over 200 Dutch masterpieces from the past century can be viewed. From Carel Willink, Pyke Koch, Jan Mankes to Charley Toorop.

A museum full of the magic of art! MORE is the home of the collection of Hans Melchers, with masters like Willink, Koch and Mankes, who excel in technical perfection and great craftsmanship. Their work can be mysterious, ruthless or rather give an insight into a reality that seems to be not of this world. Aside from the permanent exhibition, there are also temporary exhibitions from 2016. The beautiful pavilion-like museum building was designed by the famous architect Hans van Heeswijk. In the neighbouring hotel-restaurant De Roskam there is also art from the collection. Perhaps you will also dine under the eye of a real master?


Charley Toorop looks at us with a piercing look. She seems to miss nothing. Toorop’s ‘Self-portrait with fur collar’ from 1940 is a beautiful example of the way in which modern realistic artists approach the visual reality. Of course you can admire Toorop’s self-portrait at the exhibition of Museum More. Aside from that there is a collection of over 200 pieces by leading Dutch realists of the past 100 years. From Jan Mankes to Pyke Koch and from Co Westerik to Philip Akkerman.


Cool master Carel Willink
The museum pays special attention to Carel Willink, the cool master of the magical realism. There are over 30 pieces by Willink to be viewed, which is unique in the Netherlands. MORE is also the biggest museum for Dutch modern realism. Aside from Willink, artists like Dick Ket, Raoul Hynckes and Wim Schuhmacher are also represented, and it is because of this that the collection from MORE is of national important. Many of these artists build on a tradition of craftsmanship and technical perfection, but each of them executes this in his or her own way. Everyone creates their own reality, sometimes even a reality that does not seem to be of this world.

More is more than a museum
The special building of Museum MORE in Gorssel was designed by the famous architect Hans van Heeswijk, who was also responsible for the renovation of the Mauritshuis in The Hague and the Hermitage in Amsterdam. MORE also has a museum shop and a museum café. For visitors who would like to enjoy their stay longer, there is the neighbouring hotel-restaurant De Roskam. The centuries old Roskam, a true concept in the Achterhoek, has been reopened and welcomes guests with authentic dishes and honest products of the area. Furthermore, De Roskam also has art from the MORE-collection. Maybe you will dine under the eye of a real master?

Museum MORE
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