Museum De Scheper

Museum De Scheper

We offer you millions of years of geology, thousands of years of human habitation, hundreds of years of industry and agriculture and in the 20th century, Menno ter Braak, the war and school.

Museum de Scheper shows the geology of the Achterhoek with the help of findings from Oligocene, Miocene and Pleistocene. 10,000 years ago people came to hunt here on the tundra plains and since then houses, defences, graveyards and (water) roads have been made. Agriculture, industrialisation, strikes, child labour, education, clothing, culture and personalities like Willem Sluiter and Menno ter Braak made things interesting. The age of photography, film and television supplies information of before the war up to the 70’s. Museum de Scheper is being rearranged now, and the experience will have a lot more space.

Museum De Scheper
Hagen 24
7151 CA Eibergen

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