Museum de Scheper

Museum De Scheper

Museum de Scheper is the historical museum of Eibergen. It tells the history of Eibergen and Berkelland, from prehistoric times to the present day. It is a story of the landscape, the people, a Dutch municipality and all the changes throughout the centuries.

The museum is in a stately villa and adjacent authentic farmhouse, making it a unique museum in the Netherlands. The museum grounds feature a terrace and a shed with an artisanal carpentry workshop and forge.

The literary collections of personalities such as vicar and poet Willem Sluiter (17th century) and the Eiberg writer Menno ter Braak (20th century) are exhibited in the writers’ room.  The museum’s historical clothing collection is the largest in Gelderland. A variety of regional films are shown in the cinema

Museum De Scheper
Hagen 24
7151 CA Eibergen

T 0545 - 471050