Castle Huis Bergh

Kasteel Huis Bergh

Someone who visits the town ’s-Heerenberg can expect an overwhelming experience. Suddenly there is the view of the medieval castle Huis Bergh, surrounded by a moat and half enclosed by an old rampart.

Huis Bergh has existed for about 800 years and is one of the biggest castles in the Netherlands. The moat, defence towers, rough bricks and rustic red-white shutters take you back to the end of the Middle Ages. Castle Huis Bergh is mostly known as a tourist attraction, with her beautiful appearance and late-medieval art collection. Among other things, you can see early-Italian paintings, medieval handwritings and important German artworks from the 16th century. In the medieval defence tower there is a coins and weapons room. The foundation owns about 500 ha. forests and lands, among which 22 national monuments. Huis Bergh owns an extensive and valuable archive. The oldest piece is from 1227. In the woodland with gardens behind the castle you can take very nice walks and on the terrace of the coach house you can enjoy a lunch. There are events, exhibitions, concerts and special activities for children regularly.

Staying the night at Huis Bergh
Two of the three original defense towers of the outer fort of castle Huis Bergh have been furnished as luxury suites for two persons. There you can taste the atmosphere of the Middle Ages and experience the intimacy of the thick castle walls, the niches and the narrow winding stairs. At the same time, the luxurious interior of the suites leaves nothing to be desired. The towers provide modern comfort with all the contemporary communication possibilities.

Famous residents
From the 12th century until the 20th century Huis Bergh was inhabited. The different lord and counts Van den Bergh have played an important part in the history of the area and some have even made history at a national level. During the Eighty Years’ War, Willem IV count Van den Bergh had an important impact on the history of Bergh.

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