Museum for statues of saints, Kranenburg-Vorden

Heiligenbeeldenmuseum Kranenburg-Vorden

H.-Antonius-van-Paduakerk, Kranenburg-Vorden Museum for statues of saints in church of Cuypers. The H.-Antonius-van-Paduakerk was designed in 1855, built in 1856 and the years after and consecrated in 1867. It is the oldest preserved church of architect P.J.H. Cuypers, made famous by the build of more than sixty churches, but also by the build of among other things the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and Central Station in Amsterdam. It is the oldest still existing Cuypers-church in the Netherlands. In 2000 the church got a fitting reallocation as Museum for statues of saints.

Preservation from decline
In 1999 the H.-Antonius-van-Padua church closed its doors, because the church attendance was decreasing gradually. Volunteers thought of a functional reallocation of the church and opened the Museum for statues of saints in 2000, to preserve the church from decline. The parish of Vorden eventually transferred the church to the SOGK in 2009. It is the first Roman Catholic church that is owned by the SOGK. Since then the SOGK has been renting the national monument to the Museum for statues of saints.

Themes and sub-collections
The museum owns many devotional items such as crucifixes, liturgical vestments, books and liturgical equipment. Every year a part of the important collection of Henk Ensink is also exhibited. Aside from permanent attention for the theme ‘Cuypers op de Kranenburg’ a special theme is highlighted every year.

Christmas groups
A big exhibition of Christmas groups and nativity scenes are furnished with a changing collection every year during the Christmas period. 

Heiligenbeeldenmuseum Kranenburg-Vorden
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