Geelvinck Music Museum Zutphen

Geelvinck Muziek Museum Zutphen

By the summer of 2017, music city Zutphen will have gained a new museum. Located in the middle of the lively, historic city centre, the 18th century townhouse De Wildeman is worth a visit. It is home to the oldest upright piano in the world, from 1790, as well as its predecessor, a 1742 spinet. Enjoy three centuries of piano music.

Experience the introduction of the piano, which grew to become the world’s most played instrument. Once the light-hearted symbol of rebellion and revolution, the increasingly complex keyboard instrument evolved into the heavy, black, concert grand piano. The woolly, romantic timbre is no longer the same as the bright tone written for by Mozart and Beethoven. The rebellious ‘60s and ‘70s of last century revived interest in the authentic music. Important instruments from the Sweelick Collection—originally compiled for the Conservatory in Amsterdam—will now be displayed and often even heard in the Geelvinck Music Museum.

Pianos with character, music with a story
Learn all about this extraordinary musical instrument in the pop-up exhibition for people of all ages. All over the world, through all generations, from classical to jazz and pop, from solo to big band, at home, in concert halls, or at train stations, the piano enables pianists to captivate audiences with its sound.

Experience the music by Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin as their contemporaries experienced it. The sometimes strikingly designed historic pianos are not only on display in the style rooms, they are frequently played as well. Check the concert agenda for performances by influential national and international forte pianists, with classical works as well as exciting contemporary and cross-cultural compositions, improvisations, jazz, tango, and surprising combinations with instruments from other parts of the world.

Geelvinck Music Museum in townhouse De Wildeman
Concealed on the top floor is a 17th century secret chapel. The silence of bygone centuries is broken by the sounds of the past.

Could Ludwig van Beethoven, the most influential composer of classical music, have been born in Zutphen? A child of the revolution, whose fame reverberates in the anthem of the European Union, the David Bowie of his time, the genius who had an unrivalled influence on the development of the pianoforte and laid the foundations for the romantic music of the 19th century. The new Music Museum in Zutphen—an initiative by the Geelvinck Museum, which houses the largest collection of historic pianos in the Netherlands—brings the personal story of this tyrant of classical music to life in a pop-up exhibition of Mozart to Chopin in the beautiful patrician house De Wildeman.

Geelvinck Muziek Museum Zutphen
Zaadmarkt 88
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