DRU Industrial Park

Dru Industriepark

This spot in Ulft, along the Oude IJssel, was once a hub of the Dutch iron industry.

Iron-bearing rock (ore) from the soil formed the basis for a world-famous foundry where metal was melted and forged for more than two centuries. The DRU “iron house” supplied products such as stoves, pans and bathtubs to millions of customers worldwide. Today, the seven national monuments on the site have been repurposed, and the DRU Industrial Park is not only a tourist destination but a leading platform for culture and innovation in the region, with an attraction that extends far beyond its borders.

The park is full of cultural activities, historical and artistic sights and entrepreneurial activity. Around half a million guests visit the park every year to experience the past, present and future of the DRU and the iron industry in the region.

Dru Industriepark
Huttenweg 24
7071 BV Ulft

T 0315 – 200 150