The Moezeköttel

De Moezeköttel

Part of Megchelen’s war history

Along the Asbroek—no more than a cart trail at the time—a tiny farm, known locally as the Moezeköttel, with living quarters, stall, and a shed, whose back doors opened right by the trail. Megchelen was largely destroyed by fighting during the war in 1945. The farm’s living quarters were also laid to ruin. The residents were unable to continue living there, and were temporarily taken in by neighbours. Three types of emergency houses were constructed in various sizes in Megchelen during the rebuilding. In total, more than seventy were built.

With only a single bedroom, the Moezeköttel was the smallest model of the emergency houses, and three families have lived in it since then, including a family with three children. From ± 1967 to 2012, the emergency house was used as a stall for calves, and it fell into disrepair. With the efforts of the owner, a large number of volunteers, and sponsors, the emergency house and its interior have been restored to their former glory.

Today, the Moezeköttel is a small-scale, open-air museum, with a visitor’s area and information centre. It is also a stopover where you can take a break from cycling or hiking and enjoy a bite to eat in the cart shed or other areas of the property. 

The Moezeköttel is worth a visit; it offers great insight into the daily life in post-war Megchelen. The Moezeköttel also connects to four hiking and cycling routes as part of the Liberation Route. 

De Moezeköttel
Asbroek 2a
7078 AE Megchelen

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