Unique chain library in Walburgis church Zutphen

De Walburgiskerk

De Librije is a public reading room from the sixteenth century. It was founded by two church wardens, Conrad Slindewater and Herman Berner.

It was built from 1561 to 1564, after the model of the libraries of two medieval monasteries in Zutphen.

As public reading room De Librije has functioned for thirty years. In the seventeenth and eighteenth century it was a private library for preachers and council members. In the nineteenth century De Librije fell into obscurity. At the end of that century De Librije was rediscovered.

De Librije in the Walburgis church is among the most important cultural-historical monuments in the Netherlands. And beyond the Netherlands, because there are only two other comparable libraries: one in Italy (Cesena) and one in Great Britain (Hereford). Since recently Enkhuizen also has a Librije again, with the return of the books.

De Walburgiskerk
Kerkhof 3
7201 DM Zutphen

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