Fire Museum


Borculo, a small city in the Achterhoek, is home to one of the largest fire museums in the Netherlands.

The museum houses a unique collection of common firefighting equipment historically used by many fire departments. The collection offers an excellent insight into firefighting from its infancy all the way up to the end of the ‘70s.

The collection includes:

  • leather buckets, bulk bags, bucket syringes, a pump mounted on a wheelbarrow, an array of manual pumps carried by firefighters, a handsome steam pump, and various petrol or diesel-powered pumps;

  • Firefighting equipment of all sizes;

  • Ladder trucks and crew trucks, including a large Mercedes from the ‘30s;

  • The museum’s showpieces are the 1927 Ahrens Fox and a 1917 Seagrave. Both vehicles have been restored to roadworthy condition by volunteers.

The current collection has been acquired through many spontaneous gifts and loans by both private citizens and fire departments from all over the country. It also includes items from other countries. If you own anything which you feel belongs in this museum, please let us know.

For young children, there is a fun puzzle tour through the museum. It is also a great place for children’s parties; we have a gift for the birthday boy or girl.

Hofstraat 5
7271 AP Borculo

T 0545 271 966