Farm Museum De Lebbenbrugge

Boerderijmuseum De Lebbenbrugge

Farm Museum De Lebbenbrugge focuses mostly on farm life in the Achterhoek in the early 1900s. The museum has a multifunctional reception area and a cosy garden terrace.

De Lebbenbrugge lies along the former Hessenweg, which used to be an important connecting route between Germany and the Netherlands. The rear section dates to around 1400. In around 1550, the front house was built transverse to the farm, and served as a hunting lodge for the Lords of Borculo. The building was therefore given a regal appearance. De Lebbenbrugge was later also used as a toll house. When paying the toll, travellers would often come inside to quench their thirst and sometimes stay the night. As a result, it also became an inn. Because the post carriage regularly stopped here, it also became one of the first post offices in the Netherlands.


Boerderijmuseum De Lebbenbrugge
Lebbenbruggedijk 25
7271 SB Borculo

T 0545-272178