Lively culture and inspiring art

Museums in the Achterhoek

A visit to the museum inspires young and old. Learn more about the culture and history of the Achterhoek, listen to the interesting stories, enjoy beautiful works of art and a lot more. In the Achterhoek you find a lot of museums. Come and taste the culture for a day and get to know the Atmosphere of the Achterhoek!

In every village or town that you visit you will find one. A special museum that tells you something about the history of the village. About old habits and old customs for example. This way you can learn how the people used to live on the countryside. But there are also museums about historical events like the Eighty Years’ War and the Storm Disaster in Borculo. And because of our location on the German border it is not strange that there are also a lot of museums about the Second World War, the Resistance and life on the border.